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If you want to share a story, a message, a reminder, and/or would like to inspire, we want to hear from you! You can contribute by submitting a short story, poem or article. Please read the following guest post rules and contact us using the Contact Form below.

Types of submission accepted:

  • Stories
  • Poems
  • Articles/blog posts

Topics accepted:

  • Non-fiction stories
  • Stories series
  • Fun facts
  • Country/culture stories
  • About (languages, lifestyle, people) stories
  • Life as a Muslim story
  • Hijab stories
  • Niqab stories
  • Convert/revert stories
  • Ramadhan stories
  • Eid stories
  • Inspiration stories or poems
  • Favorite ayah + lessons
  • Friendship stories
  • Childhood stories
  • Travel stories
  • Umrah/Hajj stories
  • Fiction stories (with a twist of reality for encouragement, lessons, or inspirations)
  • Knowledge stories or poems
  • Call-for-change stories or poems
  • Social problems
  • Social changes/justice
  • Article/blog post based on all the above
  • How-to (based on writing, life skills etc) articles
  • DIY articles
  • International food recipes
  • Healthy lifestyle articles
  • Parenting articles
  • Motherhood articles
  • Disability
  • *Awareness*
  • Non-political news
  • Anonymous post of sensitive topics
  • Interviews

If what you want to write about isn’t listed, please contact us to suggest your topic.

Rules of submission:

  • Post must be (500-1500 words)
  • Must be unique content not previously published anywhere else and NOT to be published anywhere else besides Global Muslim Writers (post will be tested for plagiarism)
  • If you would like to publish it on any other blog/site, you may only do so after 90 days of submitting it to Global Muslim Writers. Before doing so, you must first inform us and write before the post (previously submitted to Global Muslim Writers) along with the link to our site. Failure to doing so will be considered as plagiarism
  • Post must be well structured and follow the title, intro, points, and conclusion style if it’s an article/blog post
  • Post must be well edited and proofread before submission
  • No sales or promotional posts
  • Write your name/nickname and a 2-3 sentence biography of yourself in the third person (optional)
  • Feel free to include 1 link (no-follow) directed to your blog or social media account in your bio
  • Include an image (clip art, illustration, or post design). This is optional. The image must be original or royalty-free (with no additional requirements), if third party. Images must also be faceless. Images could get declined if conditions aren’t met or for any other reasons.
  • In case of comments, you are encouraged to reply to comments if possible.

Please note: Global Muslim Writers reserves the right to decline any guest posts if guidelines aren’t met. If anything needs to be changed, you will be contacted in shaa Allah.

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Jazak Allahu khayr for wanting to publish your writing on Global Muslim Writers!