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Assalaam ‘alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh! It’s been a while and we’re back and ready for the next writing contest after Ramadhan in shaa Allah! There have been a few changes on Global Muslim Writers and it’s important to update you.
There are three (3) major changes which are the following …
  • We will now only accept short stories as writing submissions. Poems will no longer be part of the contests.
  • We previously divided contestants into age groups, but that will no longer be the case from now on. Anyone can submit and writings will be judged based on merits, irrespective of the age group.
  • *Previously, the prizes were a) published stories, b) certificate of achievement, c) a journal printable and d) a quote printable. Now, the winner will get a $30 Amazon gift card, his/her story published, and a certificate of achievement. The second-place winner will get a certificate of achievement and story published.

We hope to continue to grow, give Muslims from all corners of the world a platform to share their stories and be heard! We want to showcase the diversity of the Muslim ummah and build bridges.

Please, support our cause, share with your friends and family, join the contests, vote, submit guest posts and keep us in your du’a!


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