The winner of the September 2018 writing competition is Sabrina Azhar with her poem titled 'A Message to the Youth'

Sponsor a Writing Competition Winner - Advertise Your Products

Sponsorship has been canceled for now. We contacted a number of brands, and of those who replied and confirmed, some backed off at the last minute or stopped replying. Although not all of them did so, we're afraid to let down the winner after advertising brands who may end up not fulfilling the promise of sending the winner the prize. We've realized that it's best to avoid third-party involvement at this point. So the contests will continue as usual in shaa Allah.  

Are you a Muslim brand with products that you would like to make available to a wider Muslim audience? If so, then this may be an opportunity you wouldn't want to miss. Global Muslim Writers is a publishing site designed to promote and showcase the diversity of the Muslim ummah, through writing. Learn more about us here. You can sponsor a contest winner by partnering with Global Muslim Writers through our monthly writing contests.

How do you do that?
It's very simple. All you'd have to do is sponsor a winner by offering him/her one or more of your products in exchange for Global Muslim Writers advertising your product/brand.

Here are the steps:

  1. You contact us with the willingness to sponsor a winner for the next monthly writing contest.
  2. After verifying your brand and agreeing on what would be offered, we announce on our website and social media accounts that your brand would be offering product 'xyz' to the next contest winner. Details about your brand would be included in the article.
  3. After people vote for the winner, you ship (within three business days) the product directly to the winner.

What do you gain from this?

  1. FREE advertisement of your product (your only cost would be the price of shipping to the winner; if applicable). You pay Global Muslim Writers absolutely NOTHING. 
  2. You get the opportunity to expose your product to a new audience.
  3. Your product gets a stand-alone article on Global Muslim Writers with details (you provide info) if you choose to sponsor all four age-groups of the writing competition of that month. Otherwise, you get listed as one of the wonderful sponsors for that month
  4. You get the opportunity to make some rules for the month's writing contest if you choose to sponsor all age-groups for the competition of that month (example: writing must be a non-fictional short story, a fictional story, a story based on Ramadhan/Eid, a story based on country of origin, a poem, etc). Otherwise, GMW chooses the topic. 
  5. You get people excited.
  6. You make a difference in the Muslim community by promoting diversity through writing

Is there a minimum for product value?
Absolutely NOT! We trust your judgment, but, we expect you to be reasonable. 

Examples of Products:
  • Children's books
  • Novel (with a twist of reality for inspiration, awareness, etc)
  • Self-development books
  • Other books
  • Toys
  • Planners and journals
  • Printable products
  • Digital items (i.e. apps, software, etc)
  • Certified natural skin products
  • Clothing (i.e. hijab, jilbab, abayah, prayer rugs, thobes, etc)
  • Website
  • Blogging tools
  • Gift baskets
  • Gift cards
  • Travel tickets!
  • Umrah trips! (WHY NOT?)
  • Anything else (just contact us to ask)
You can also support our cause by advertising here.

We take honesty very seriously. So if you choose to join us, please make sure you're serious and will deliver when promised.
We're very excited about this new direction of Global Muslim Writers' journey. Join us and let's make this happen!

Talk to you soon, In shaa Allah!

Global Muslim Writers Team

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